Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Ballet

Dean and Carolyn scored tickets to a ballet production of Don Quixote at the Stanislavsky Theater.

The theatre was lovely on the inside, and since I'm playing tourist, I took a picture:

I like how the rich blue is carried through to the proscenium arch.

The ballet had properly lavish sets and costumes, and the music was lively.  There was a lot of "Look at my fan!  "Look at my cape!". "Look at my sword!" kind-of choreography, and even a bit of flamenco dancing en pointe!  Still, the dancing was subpar - enough so that I noticed.  Dancers off-beat, the male principle missing his landing, etc.; Rachel would have had a fit.  However, the audience was the most enthusiastic crowd I've seen outside of a Miller Dance Studio performance.  We left somewhere around the 15th bows.

Oddly for us, when we left the theater at 10:15, this was the light outside:

It was a theater district, so naturally there was a monument to this guy nearby:

(Anton Chekov)

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