Thursday, June 25, 2015

Loose Translations

One of my favorite games in China quickly became spotting translations.  There really were some wonderful twist-arounds of English, which I have documented here for your reading pleasure.  (Slogans transcribed in the captions for each photo if it helps.)

"The 5th China Children's Theatre Festival Will Wonderfully Open"

"Selling a Good Brand Health Every"

"Take good care of cultural relic.
Don't climb up an antique."

(Whenever I read this, I picture children trying to climb up Maggie Smith as the Dowager on Downton Abby)

Not translation so much as interesting juxtaposition:
"Chamber of Ten Thousand Flowers

"Shanghai Characteristic Dessert Please Come Upstairs Degustation"

"Thank You for Your Coming"
"No Stepping"

"No Nearing"
This is the ceiling light in the car we took in Xian.  When our guide told us, "It will take 45 minutes to arrive at the warriors.  You take naps now," I wondered just what kind of mood the van was going for.

"Pineapple Flesh Cushions" ties with
"Duck Breast Sauce Explosion" on this menu

"Build a Food Safety City"
"Welcome You to Rideplace This Train"

"From China to World--It the Common Aim of Us"

"Construction for the inconvenience, please understand"

Even better:

"Repair thus to inconvenience you please understanding"

"Welcome to mutianyu Great Wall Civilized Sightseeing Safe travel"

And my personal favorite:

"Bust Up"


  1. Bahahahahahaha these are awesome!

  2. I shared these at the office today. Much laughing out loud.