Saturday, December 05, 2015

Why a Tragedy Brings Me Happiness

Over the summer I made a list of things I can do to make myself happier.  I've done a few, but today marks one of the hardest things I've done:

My team is at a speech meet today... and I am not.

I've fought down a lot of guilt and need-to-control instincts, but while my team (under my assistant coach) left at 5:15 AM to attend a meet that sounds like it is going ridiculously slow thus far (because of course I'm staying in touch via text), I am instead sitting in the Denver Film Society 

with Lisa, Tammy, and Fara about to watch the broadcast of the National Theater of London's production of "Hamlet" starring Mr. Cumberbatch.


And!  This event was preceded by a lunch at Uber Sausage (which was delicious!) and some time browsing Tattered Cover.

Thus one Dane's great suffering does indeed bring me happiness.  A little squished guilt, but a lot of happiness.

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