Sunday, January 06, 2008

Augustus and the Soup

Yesterday being a Saturday, I had time to cook!

Curried carrot soup; spinach salad with dried cranberries, apples, and candied almonds; and toast. Yum! Thanks for the recipe book, Em!

Other parts of the day were wasted with this:
Yes, I finally got to join the rest of my family in Wii-ness. Santa also brought me a Kindle, which I'm loving. Access to thousands of books at my fingertips? Priceless! And it's readable, too. I've already read three books on it, and I'm in the middle of two more. I'm actually looking forward to my next plane trip, so I can try it while traveling!

Christmas in Colorado was delightful. It was calm, quiet, family-filled-fun, and just right for the midst of a typically busy school year. Plus, thanks to my mom, my sister, and Caprice, a family friend, we also were productive. We actually sewed all 70 of the skirts needed for "Once Upon a Mattress"! My sewing family members took my arrival with 210 yards of white fabric quite nicely. Here's a shot, courtesy of my dad, of me, mid-project:

See, Grandma Cook? I can too sew! O, ye of little faith.

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