Friday, January 04, 2008

Whistle Down the Wind

A storm's a brewin'!

I rather like it when the weather become so tricky. After a long freeze (it hasn't been above 28 degrees since Christmas), the mercury soared today to above 50! As Janelle and Ben and I left our faculty meeting to get lunch/debrief the week at a Mediterranean restaurant, the winds kicked up and the icicles started melting.

The early arrival of spring? Nuh-uh! 'Tis a blizzard!

It hasn't hit yet. They're saying sometime after midnight comes the first wave, and the second wave Sunday afternoon. Sitting here, listening to the threats of the meteorologists, I decided to get ready for a day-at-home tomorrow. I threw on a coat and headed out to the grocery store, and found my doormat on the lawn in front of my apartment building. These are really strong winds. I put it back, drove to the store, got the basics that I hadn't replaced since going to Colorado, drove back, picked my doormat off the lawn again, and took it and my groceries inside. Now I'm all set for the storm, and my cat's sniffing the mat for a taste of the outdoors.

If I'm snowed in tomorrow morning as expected, I'll finally upload my holiday photos and post them for you.

Till then, bonne nuit!

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