Sunday, January 06, 2008

You Could Drive a Person Crazy

Inspired by my friend Meg's recent commute-in-pictures post, I thought I would show you guys the excitement that is the drive to Colorado for me:

By the way, my east coast friends, these are mountains!

Entering the canyon.

Sunny skies, dry roads, red rocks, green trees, and white snow - it's a great day to drive!

Just past the summit, starting one of the long, straight stretches.

More long straightness.

Following the railroad tracks (which I memorably tried out last summer)

"Welcome to Colorful Colorado!"

Entering the grand valley.

The exciting town of Fruita!

A glimpse of the river, and a "Deer Crossing" sign that should be heeded (as my sorority friends and I can well attest, right Emily?)

A bit of the monument, close to my parents' home.

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