Monday, January 31, 2011

Cold Feets

Tomorrow's high here in Mountain Town?


Happily, it was that plus the 4-10 inches of snow in the forecast that led our superintendent to declare tomorrow a snow day shortly after we all skedaddled out of school today.


Boy, do I need it. I've still tired from the speech meets and all. In fact, I had moved up to Mountain Town for the week last night in part because of the forecast and in part because I get to sleep in an extra hour up here.

So Natasha and I are going to spend a delightful day off tomorrow. Plans include enjoying selections from my Netflix queue (like The Secret of Kells), reading The Weird Sisters, working on Making Waves, and doing some serious price-comparison itineraries for trip possibilities for this summer (round trip to New Zealand for $1160! That's less than to Madrid! Oh, the possibilities!).

As you can see, it will be a busy day. So long as the power holds, that is.

By the way, the speech meet went pretty well. We got 25 awards all together. 12 students made it into the finalists rounds (i.e. top 6). One girl won Best of Event for Creative Storytelling, and the rest got mostly 2nd or 4th in various events. Not as good as last year, but certainly not bad either.

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