Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Where Do I Go From Here?

I'm working on summer travel plans. Jason and I are planning on doing a trip together, and we've ruled out the more expensive options (Egypt, Israel, Ireland).

The current idea is Canada. Not the entire country, but maybe Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec? The Montreal Jazz festival is going on during one of our possible chunks of time (in fact, Pink Martini and Madeleine Peyroux are playing at times when we could go), and there's this that also looks enticing.

I'm not as excited about this as I have been about past trips, but I think that's just because a) it's not that adventurous and b) Canada hasn't been at the top of my travel list. Sure, it's on there (but then what place isn't?).

So, I'm wondering. What do you know of Eastern Canada? Any recommendations? Things we simply must do? Any adventures-in-the-making to rival a Turkish bath or a monkey fight? (And I did look into the Hotel de Glace, but alas, it closes at the end of March for the season.)

O, Canada!


  1. Niagara Falls! (In a barrel!)

  2. Martha9:34 PM

    Ask Grandma! She will have plenty to tell you.