Monday, January 24, 2011


1. I'm very tired, so this will be an unthoughtout post.

2. I'm tired because of the speech meet last weekend. It was an overnighter again, this time in Brush. The meet was understaffed for judges, too, so it went long. Essentially, I worked from 7 AM Friday until 10 PM Saturday.

3. The kids did pretty well, though. We took first in the duet humor, duet drama, and poetry categories, plus a bunch of other awards, so yay.

4. I was very good and got up for church on Sunday, too.

5. I got a new calling in church a few weeks ago - they wanted me to teach the 4 and 5 year olds. Not my ideal, but I'm starting to get in the groove of figuring out how to plan for teaching the squirmy little things.

6. (For example - I brought a bagful of scarves and we acted out the story of Moses to learn about the 10 commandments. I especially liked it when the girl playing Moses flung the sparkly red scarf around her neck and announced to the Israelites, "I'm a fancy lady!" as she flounced her way across our pretend desert.)

7. But then they called me in after church Sunday to say they wanted me to switch jobs. Now I'm going to be playing the piano in Relief Society.

8. I'm really, really glad they didn't make me Relief Society president again. I'm rusty on the piano, but that I can handle right now.

9. The state speech meet is this Friday and Saturday. I'm hoping I'll have time for a nap on Sunday.

10. I spent my naptime last Sunday having lengthy perplexing and intriguing discussions by phone with friends.

11. CU Boulder's Theater Department is doing Rent next month. I'm organizing an evening field trip to see it.

12. 52 students have signed up so far.

13. We might have to take two buses. To Boulder. In February. At night.

14. I decided we'd leave for the show an hour early, departing right after rehearsal that day. This is largely because I want to release them onto Pearl Street for dinner. Because Pearl Street is awesome, and they need to figure that out.

15. I am completely dissatisfied with the LDS dating sites. They are ad-ridden and fruitless.

16. Jennifer suggested I try I've taken the personality test, but am stumped by the final pages where I'm supposed to
a) Write a headline for myself (2-128 characters) and
b) Write an essay about myself and what type of person I'm looking for (200-2000 characters).

17. Complete writer's block and general annoyance at the perpetuating pick-up-line-iness of the "headline." Really, ew.

18. (And for my wealth of married friends out there who have expressed envy over my summers of travel, I hereby point out that you do not have to write a headline for yourself, write an essay about who you want to date, nor do you have to find a photo of yourself that will not make someone immediately decide against getting to know you better. I call the game severely in your favors.)

19. The musical's going well. No issues with the double casts, from what I can tell. So, yay! They ran through the opening dance today, which Rachel taught them last Thursday. And they remembered it! They needed a lot of polishing, and we practiced being more like Martha Graham, but really not bad for a three-day gap.

20. Three cold sores in the last two weeks. I'm just sayin'.

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