Monday, January 17, 2011

Once a Year Day

I've decided that the reason I'm not that neat is actually because I'm far too neat.

See, it's not that I'm messy. No, it's that I like things to be totally and completely clean and organized and labeled and awesome. And since I hardly ever have time for that level of cleaning, I choose a disgruntled hardly clean instead.

In any case, I am putting my day off to good use. I was going to go to DC this weekend to see Arabian Nights at the Arena Stage, but I just couldn't bring myself to spend $500 on a short weekend trip (shakes fist Plane fare!!). So, I am getting somewhat organized instead. I have cleaned all of my dishes (which, given that my dishwasher broke 7 months ago, is a big feat) (I should clarify that I do not mean that I haven't done my dishes in 7 months, but rather that it's a far more time-consuming job than simply loading-and-unloading a machine), vacuumed, fixed a broken curtain rod, reorganized part of my bedroom, sorted out a boxful of clothes for Goodwill, and I'm on laundry load #7 (some of that included the towels and sheets from our Christmas in Mountain Town) (Oh! And, Rachel, I found a red-and-black-striped baby legwarmer tangled in the sheets. I'll bring it by next time I'm up your way).

My exciting evening plans include ironing and ... actually, that's pretty much it. There's quite a load to be ironed. But I do plan on watching a movie while ironing. So that's something.

Really, it's nice to have a day when I'm rested and able to do all these sorts of things. I've got speech meets the next two weekends, including the big state competition, so it's nice to have clothes and such already taken care of. I have so many more household projects I'd like to do today - updating and hanging family pictures, organizing my craft room, filing papers, and so on. But the sun's already setting, so they will have to wait for my next non-traveling three-day weekend. Which will be...

...Hm. Well. Maybe this summer this'll be me:

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