Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Christmas was marvelous this year, as always. We were all well and properly spoiled, and enjoyed a few days of the whole family being together again. My siblings all left for their homes this morning, while I get to hang out for a few more days. Mom, Dad, and I put the house back in order and they headed out to treat a few patients while I did laundry, made an appointment to fix my car, played the new Zelda game (a gift from Ben), and enjoyed the remarkable stillness of a house void of three dogs and a toddler.

I finished all the sewing I was alluding just in time on Christmas Eve.  While I made a few other gifts this year, the biggie was this:

I made Jack a doll-version of his family.  (If you're curious about who's who, you can try to match them up to this picture of my family and/or this picture of Jack's grandparents Mason.)  I used this pattern from Wee Wonderfuls to make the bodies, which was the more tedious part.  I enjoyed the creativity required to figure out how to render each person - the variety of wigs and clothes.  Still, like most projects, this took much longer than I had expected.  I need to remember that when I'm figuring out next year's Christmas projects.

To my relief, everyone seemed to like their respective dolls, although Jack seems mostly scared of them.  It occurred to me about halfway through the project that he might be too young for this sort of thing, but that certainly wasn't going to deter me.

A happy Christmas all around!

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