Thursday, December 01, 2011

I Have Magical Powers

I can make it snow by scheduling a performance.

Then I can make the snow stop by canceling said performance.

I vow to use this power for good, not for evil.

Tonight was originally going to be the second Advanced Drama play of the term.  Because we had to push back their first play (Much Ado), we only had four weeks between show dates.  And that included Thanksgiving.

Despite their pleadings, I stood firm with the declaration that doing a play in three weeks just isn't possible (at least not while I'm also doing the Drama 1 play, auditions for the musical, and Speech).  We compromised, and decided to do a Film Festival instead.

The students divided into small groups and each group has made four short films in the last few weeks: a Shakespeare play in five minutes or less, a Sweded film, a commercial, and a music video.  They've turned out pretty well, and I've been pleased with the learning I've seen happen because of it, even though the kids are still complaining about not getting to do another play.

I tried to make things better by offering some dazzle for the festival - a red carpet, they get to come in black tie (i.e. last year's prom dresses), etc.  They asked if we could do awards.  Before I could even acquiesce they decided I should give out Waters - "you know, like the Oscars, but Waters since you're Waterhouse," they said.

I'm a sucker for ideas like that, so my TA and I braved the blizzard this morning to make these:


They're actually still full of water, too.  We also pulled out all of my star lights, white Christmas lights, Chinese lanterns, and a bunch of old film strips from the library to decorate the theater lobby.

And then we canceled the festival due to the snow that was coming down harder than ever.

And then I sent out all the necessary emails and letters and flyers to notify everyone.

And then the snow stopped and the sun came out.

Oh, well.  We rescheduled the festival for the only night the auditorium was available ('tis the season of concerts after all).  I'll have to stick around a bit after the musical audition workshops next Monday, but we'll start it by 6:00 if not earlier, so I should still be able to enjoy some time with Rachel, Ben, and Jack, who are all coming up to Mountain Town for the auditions as well.

It's a shame we didn't get a full snow day out of it.  I could have really used a snow day.

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