Friday, December 16, 2011


I'm done, done, done!

(Insert dance of joy.)

We spread finals over two days, and the school board finally figured out that it's a waste of everyone's time to make students come to classes they've already completed; so, today was a half-day.  Yay!

I administered two finals this morning, neither of which took the entire 90-minute class period.  When everyone finished in first period (Adv. Drama), we played Dominion.  I have now created many Dominion fans.  In third period (Drama 1), they played Killer Bunnies (which I had taught them earlier and which will also be appearing on many Christmas wish lists) while I graded tests.  By the time school was dismissed at 11, I had all of my grades in and officially posted, comments and all.  Yay!

We had a quick faculty meeting, then I carpooled home.  I got to eat lunch at a normal person's pace (i.e. not in two minutes or less), and I got to linger over the book I was reading.  Yay!

Tonight is our staff Christmas party.  I'm going more out of a sense of obligation (not to my colleagues - to my social life.  I don't want to go, but I know that I should want to go, so I'm going to go), and I need to figure out a white elephant gift for it.  We all know there's an underlying competition to bring the cleverest white elephant gift, and I just don't have any ideas.  After I post this, I'll go rummage in my closets to see if I have any odds or ends from travels to wrap up.

Speaking of checking off obligations, I seized the opportunity of a rare free evening and attended ward temple night last night.  Despite the struggle I had to stay awake during it, I was glad I went.  Several women in Relief Society Sunday had raised their hands when they asked for a headcount of attendees.  Knowing that and knowing how sleepy I was, I almost didn't go.  I had promised myself I would go again before the end of the year, though, and once there I was surprised to find that the only other people from my ward that showed up were the Bishop, his wife, and two other people.  Yay for small sessions that take less time!

The weather's looking beautiful this weekend, so I'm planning on doing a bit more shopping tomorrow (after sleeping in - yay!), then driving out to GJ after church on Sunday.

I'm so excited that I get a two-week break from teaching and teenagers.  As much as I love my job and my students, I really need a break from all the drama (theater or otherwise).

It's Christmas time!  Yay!


  1. I seem to recall the most popular White Elephant Gift for three years running in Omega was an extremely large bra. Good luck on being creative, I always go more for what someone will actually want than something funny.

  2. Anonymous10:28 PM

    An Elvis Presley Christmas tree ornament was a recurring white elephant gift at our Fitzsimons parties.


  3. Wait, two minutes or less isn't normal?