Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Where Have I Been?

A few weeks ago Rachel posted an entry about these visual travel logs. Never one to turn down a challenge (especially when it involves travel!), I finally got around to making my own maps:


Visited: 22 countries (9.77%)
(Boy, visiting Canada and Russia sure helps to make this look impressive!)

and America:

Visited: 41 states (82%)
(I feel a need to fill in those white spaces. They're taunting me, I tell you!)

Sigh. There's so much left to see!

It probably doesn't help my wanderlust that as I'm typing this I'm also chatting with Phra Sanjoy, one of my monk friends from Thailand. He's trying to talk me into visiting his hometown in Bangladesh. See?

Now, how do I resist an invitation like that?

P.S. I pass on the challenge to Jason. Tag! You're it!

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