Monday, May 07, 2012

Coming Attractions

Last night Jason and I bought our plane tickets for this summer's grand tour.  I'll be flying out a week ahead of him to attend the Pueblo Ingles session, but we'll rendez-vous in Madrid and set off from there for a two-week tour of Spain and Morocco.

Current plans include:
Madrid (hot chocolate, churros, and art museums)
The Alhambra
The Rock of Gibraltar
Marrakesh (souq shopping!)
and (deep breath)
trekking to the Sahara by camel to spend the night on the dunes in Berber tents.

That last one should provide all kinds of good blog fodder.

Another victory in my quest to find the quintessential photo for each of our trips!

I'm excited, despite my wariness of the heat and camels.  I realized last night that this trip will bring my continent count up to five.  Five!  Jason, if we plan things right, we can check off all seven before we turn 35.  Imagine!

After purchasing the tickets, we naturally turned our attention to the next most important issue - clothing.  Thus ensued a flurry of emails back and forth about appropriate hats.  I encouraged Jason to adopt a look like this:

Or this:

Or at the very least this:

Meanwhile I wondered if returning my enormous, fabulous hat was such a good idea.  I mean, look at the shadow that thing created!


Hmm.  Maybe if it was in brown?

Fortunately, we have time to sort out our wardrobes, even if it is a little odd to be planning against turning into a sweaty, sweaty mess when the weather outside looks like this:

May Snow

(Shakes head and sighs) Colorado.

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