Sunday, May 06, 2012

Notable Accomplishments of the Last Few Days

- Took Humanities class to the art museum, to the 16th Street Mall, and to see Twelfth Night
- Brought all members of the class and the chaperone safely back from said field trip
- Navigated the bus through pre-Cinco de Mayo street shut-downs and parking woes
- Bought an enormous, fabulous hat at the students' insistence
- Returned the enormous, fabulous hat the next day in a fit of separating my needs from my wants
- Modeled for students how to handle crazy people on the 16th Street Mall Shuttle (story to come)
- Drove safely home after the field trip, despite it ending at 11:30 Friday night
- Researched many, many flight options for the summer
- Bought plane tickets for the Spain/Morocco portion of the summer
- Made plans to visit Emily and co. in early summer (Eeee!)
- Completed Mother's Day project
- Bought 5 pounds of navel oranges from Whole Foods (my new favorite treat)
- Caught up on laundry without a working dryer
- Attended church
- Switched back into student-researcher mode and outlined several articles/interviews/panel discussions on gospel topics
- Ate 1.5 meals today without feeling too nauseous afterwards
- Depression is (finally) lessening
- Survived the week

14 days of school left!
One play production left!
Five flights left to book!
One cat to shave!
I can do it!

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