Friday, May 11, 2012

Ullr!!! (Shakes fist)

I was within five hours of being done with plays for this school year.  I was counting the minutes, so looking forward to being done, done, done with rehearsals and props and safety-pinning costumes and giving notes over and over to slow down, to speak up, to not ram the boat into the island box, to be careful of the sheep heads because that one keeps falling off.  Hours, I tell you!  Mere hours!

And then it snowed.

It stopped, it rained, it snowed again, and then it started coming down in huge, slushy flakes that covered the roads and turned everything white within fifteen minutes.

And it wasn't supposed to stop until tomorrow night.

And so we cancelled the performance tonight, optimistically rescheduling it for Monday night instead.

As I went to the office to send out the call to parents, I passed Jesse.  As he shook the snow off his head from a quick errand outside, he said, "You have the worst luck with scheduling plays!"

"I know!"  I exclaimed.  "It was 85 degrees yesterday.  85!  And it's May 11th!"

Truly I am magical.

Grr.  So I'm home now, earlier than I expected.  I took off my techie blacks, put on some sweats, and plan to use my evening to work on travel itineraries, shop for a new dyer, upload movies to my laptop, and finish a Mother's Day project.  Mostly, though, I'm going to get a good night's sleep, even if the theater season isn't wrapped up yet.

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