Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So Close!

I administered finals to two of my classes today, and graded them with such speed that my students commented on the ninja-like turnaround time.  I showed them their grades, we stacked the desks and chairs, and farewells were made, some for the summer, some for a lot longer.  The students were bundles of various emotions which, good teenagers that they are, were all felt at maximum capacity.  Mostly, though, there was a feeling of tantalization in the air.  The end is very much in sight.

We have a half-day tomorrow; just enough time for the last two classes to take their finals. The first period of the day is my planning period, which will primarily be spent filing papers, getting things in order for the New York trip, and cleaning my classroom.  Then, after proctoring my last final and whipping out my ninja-like grading skills again, I plan to be on the road with my carpool by noon.  Won't that be glorious?

Granted, Thursday is a mandatory teacher work day, and Thursday night I'll be meeting the kiddos at a hotel by the airport.  I may be done with school tomorrow, but I've still got another week with the kids.

I am going to seize the half-day I get though.  The latest manifestation of my stress, etc. has been in my neck and shoulders.  I've been stiff and sore for over a week now, so I booked myself a massage appointment for the afternoon.  My self-bargaining has been raging all week with the upcoming trips ("If I skip the massage and take an Advil instead and if I don't buy that shirt I was looking at, I can justify half the cost of the plane ticket to fly from Madrid to Marrakesh" or "I returned that hat the students talked me into buying on the field trip and I haven't eaten out in a week so I'm allowed to shop for new sunglasses") (Am I the only one who feels compelled to justify any non-life-sustaining purchase?). 

Despite my yearning and inclinations for frugality or at least delayed pleasure (1 massage = 1 Michelin restaurant meal in Spain) (And after reading about the challenges of traveling in Morocco mid-Ramadan, I think Jason and I will be easily persuaded to treat ourselves) (Not that we take much persuading to treat ourselves these days) (cough, cough, Paris! cough), I concluded that having a full range of motion in my neck has moved from a want to a need, particularly if I am going to be responsible for ten not-so-wee-ones on an extended adventure.

A half-day and a Teacher Work Day.  Summer vacation is so close I can taste it.

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  1. Summer vacation! It can't come fast enough!