Thursday, August 02, 2012


I am adjusting my expectations.  I realized earlier today after a series of ever-frustrating phone calls and emails that the only thing I can control in this flood repair situation is my reaction to it.  I've been able to keep calm most of the summer, but I've been slipping the last few days, especially as I discover over and over again that the work just isn't going to happen on the timeline that I'd like it to.

So, I'm adjusting my expectations.  I will plan on being able to sleep in my own home, in my own bed sometime in October; and, with retrenching, I will be able to pay off whatever the cost of this thing will be in a year or two.  In the meantime, I will be patient, I will go back to work, and, like Phra Bart taught me, I will breath deeply and say, "mai bpen rai."

I will also figure out what I'd like my new home to look like.  Fortunately, I'm staying with a man who has two years of Elle Decor magazines on hand. 

I'm afraid I'm talking myself back into hardwood floors again, despite the expense. They're so pretty!

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  1. Hardwood floors are pretty. But they are cold and... well, hard. Personally I favor a soft, thick carpet. You can always put in wood shelves or something to still see the pretty. IMHO