Saturday, August 18, 2012


There have been a few fits and starts and stumbles this week of course, but there are also signs of progress in my home becoming a little less disastrous. For example, about half of the walls that will be painted now have a first coat on them:

Home Repair
New color left, old color right

And, as of this morning, I now have several boxes of wood adjusting to the climate of my house:
Home Repair

Here's a sneak peak of it against one of the painted walls:

Home Repair

And here is a different piece against a different wall in different lighting:

Home Repair

(By the way, all four of those pictures have the same color of paint in them.  Strange how much variety the lighting creates!)

The flooring guy says they'll have it all installed; carpet, tile, and wood; by Wednesday.  Hopefully the trim guy can get his stuff done Friday then, and the painters can finish up the week after.  With any luck, fingers crossed, knock on wood, I'll have my home back to myself by Labor Day.

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