Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Getting Ready

I was excited to start the school year without having to put a classroom together. Sadly, those plans were foiled when I walked into my room yesterday morning and found this:

The custodians decided (mistakenly, I was told today) to paint my room over the summer, which meant they removed every show poster and mask.

I spent most of the afternoon repositioning my posters to meet the fire inspector's 18"-from-the-ceiling rule and my own 5"-from-each-other rule.

Once it's laminated, my newest poster will join the white background/red lettering/spastic young male club.

I also finally found a home for my set of Maurice Sand drawings.  Behold: The Commedia Cabinets!

With the exception of a district-wide meeting in the afternoon, I have tomorrow to finish getting ready for the students' arrival on Thursday. That means field trips to organize, pre-tests to create, disclosure statements to edit, and so on. I love the quiet productivity of these teacher work days; the hours I spend in solitude in my classroom getting vast quantities of work done with gentle music in the background.

These are my monkish days.

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