Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dinner at Central

We met up with Jason after the Library of Congress (which I think has the niftiest decor of the major DC buildings, and rightly so. If any building should be pretty it's the library, right?), stopped briefly by the Folger, then bade Andy and Jenn farewell as they went back to the hotel to rest and the rest of us went to the modern art portion of the National Gallery.

We stopped off at Paul's for pre-dinner pastries to ensure we would make it to the restaurant three blocks away. And because it was right there. And because it's French.

We had dinner at Central, which I've enjoyed before and which I picked this time around primarily for the gourgeres.

Mmm... Gourgeres.

After dinner we headed to the Kennedy Center to see the GoteborgsOperans Danskompani, a contemporary dance company from Sweden who is here as part of the month-long Nordic Cool celebration. The dancing was well done and the lighting was outstanding.

Pictures of dinner are below, including a shot that shows why Jason won the dessert selection competition.

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