Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Humanities - Bible Myths

We just wrapped up a unit on Christianity in Humanities. The main project for that unit for the students to work in pairs to teach the class one of the main stories of the Bible.  This year I required them to film the story as well as to provide the class with a worksheet of some kind to help them remember the primary details.  Naturally, they had fun with this assignment.  Here's one example:

And here's the worksheet:

John the Baptist Questions

1. Who was John the son of?
      a. That guy from LMFAO
      b. Jesus
      c. Zachariah
      d. Kermit the Frog
2. What did John enjoy snacking upon?
      a. Locusts
      b. That guy from LMFAO
      c. Flamin’ hot fries
      d. Sand
3. Who did John think he should be baptized by?
      a. Fergie
      b. Mr. Carlstrom*
     c. That guy from LMFAO
      d. Jesus
4. How did John die?
      a. He tried to kill Batman
      b. His head was cut off
      c. Broderick farted**
      d. That guy from LMFAO murdered him with a spork.
5. What was done with John’s head?
      a. It was put on a platter
      b. That guy from LMFAO made it wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,wiggle, wiggle (yeah)
      c. It was eaten by a polar bear
      d. It was buried
6. Draw a picture of a chicken, just for the heck of it.

So, how'd you do?  100%?

* Their English teacher
** Yup, same kid.

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