Thursday, March 14, 2013

Run Away!

I'm on a flight to DC at the moment, and I'm finding myself restless. I keep fiddling with my iPad, my headphones, my phone and, despite my exhaustion, I can't settle down. It's the first time in four days that I've had a moment with nothing to do. Even while watching the final performance of the musical last night I was grading midterms during all of the full-lighting scenes. At least I was when I wasn't dashing around solving minor crises - microphone issues, an errant curtain, a freshman having an emotional meltdown backstage, etc. You know, the usual.

My drive to the airport didn't help me calm down. Today was slated as a work day at school, and I had been counting on it as such. So when the morning meeting ran 90 minutes longer than expected, I wound up working through lunch to get things done.

I dashed out of the building as soon as possible and raced (within legal speed limits) down the mountain, meeting Rachel briefly to pass on the flowers for her from the cast. I was making better time than I had hoped and even toyed with the idea of hitting a drive-through for a late lunch, but decided to get something at the airport instead.

And then they closed I-70.

Six miles from the airport exit and about 30 feet past a freeway exit, I was stuck in completely stalled traffic. We eventually began to crawl along, but it took me almost 40 minutes to get to the next off-ramp 1.5 miles down the road. I passed the time quite fretfully between mostly-silent swears and speculations as to whether the damage to my car would be worth busting through the chain link fence and over the grassy knoll to the frontage road that is Right. There. (It wasn't.)

I vehicularly sprinted along the side roads upon finally breaking free and headed straight for the closer-but-$4-more-per-day parking area. There I grabbed my bags and hallelujah! discovered a roll I had neglected to eat for breakfast last week. And it wasn't even moldy! Lunch!

A dash across the parking lots and through the terminal, a quick trip through the mostly-empty (hurrah!) security line, and I landed at the gate with just enough time to fill up my water bottle and run to the bathroom.

So! I made it. I posted my grades, casted the Drama 1 play, wrapped the musical, inventoried and sent off the scripts and sheet music, and am off to a weekend in DC with family (the parents as well as Andy and Jenn) and Jason on about 8 hours of sleep in the last two days. Plus? I found an old fruit leather strip in my backpack so dinner's happening too!

Spring Break! Whoo!

I'd flash somebody, but I'm in the seat in the middle and my arms are pinned, so we'll have to settle for a quiet sip of tomato juice instead.

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