Sunday, March 10, 2013

Not Over Yet

Rather than basking in a post-musical glow, I am bracing myself for further work.  A snowstorm hit yesterday morning and we wound up postponing the final show until Wednesday night.

It's not too horrible - we'll do a pickup rehearsal after school Tuesday, and the students start spring break on Thursday so it's a non-school-night that doesn't require us to wait a whole week for a weekend.  It just means that I'm not done yet, that this week of midterms and quarter grades being due and packing for a trip to DC just got crazier, that I'll have to cancel my hair appointment again.

Sigh.  I was really looking forward to that haircut.

On the plus side, the first two evening shows went well.  The show really clicked on Friday, enough so that the students noticed even though they couldn't articulate it until I gave them the words.  "It feels...different tonight," they said to me when I made my rounds at intermission.  "It feels good."  It's a shame to have to break their stride as soon as they found it, but I hope that the four day hiatus will not lead to a disappointing final performance.

To my delight my parents came up to visit for the weekend, so I spent the snowy Saturday I should have been getting ready for the show hanging out with them.  Not only did they come on Friday, but so did a gaggle of ladies from my ward.  Excited by the nostalgic nature of the show, they declared a ladies' night and drove up to Mountain Town to see it and to support me.  Between that and my home teachers coming up to see it Thursday night, I enjoyed knowing that I had friends in the audience with me.

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