Thursday, January 07, 2016

One World Trade Center Observatory

We were a bit more successful getting breakfast at the City Kitchen on Friday, since now we knew the actual hours.
Breakfast Tacos!

Justin had the most excellent idea to check out the observation deck at the new World Trade Center.  None of us had been, so once we had eaten our fill of tacos, off we went!

So tall and reflective, it disappears into the clouds!

The strange figure at the bottom the result of Justin walking out of my panorama shot and Jason walking in.

Good thing we had timed tickets!

I found this stat much more interesting, given that we were there January 1st!

This does not bode well for me.

The dreaded elevator ride - they had video simulation of not only rising to floor 102, but also of New York being constructed below.  I managed to look just long enough to take this photo before I had to hide my eyes again to quell the nausea.

Look!  A view!

Look!  Leftover confetti!

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

I call this - Man Questioning His Choice of Home

Looking Northward


Northward again, but from a new angle!


Aw, look at these swagtastic people!

I'm pretty fond of this shot taken from the sidewalk right outside the building.

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