Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Rest of Friday

We were certainly ready for elevensies by the time we finished observing New York.  Happily, we had plans to meet Justin's friend Anthony for lunch at Elmo's in Chelsea.

Looks meh, but was actually delicious - apple walnut French toast.  Mmmm.

I added an egg so it was a healthy meal choice.  :)
We tried to visit the Met after brunch, but it was closed for New Year's Day.  Woe!

We hopped in a cab as we tried to figure out what to do next.  Justin recalled fondly a cake at the Plaza, so we jumped out there to seek it out.

Did you know about the food court under the Plaza?  I didn't!

"Your parents would love this place," Jason commented.  I completely agree.

Chocolate and vanilla crepe cakes.  Dozens of crepes with cream in between each layer.  No wonder Justin's a fan!

Cake in hand, though not in stomach yet, we decided to check out the windows along 5th Avenue.  It was frigid and crowded and all kinds of fun.

I really liked the combination of greenery with white lights above windows.


Made with pearls!


With remarkably-beaded lions!

Beautiful woodcut scenes at Tiffany's!

Justin feigning interest in looking at more windows!

Inspiration for how to decorate my music room! (Snow, chandeliers, and wine glasses strewn about = fashion!)

Look!  China!  I totally missed the floating spiky cloud princess when we were at the wall, though.

From there, a quick dinner and the terrific Spring Awakening.  Whoo!


  1. Hey, I ate that cake!


    1. Ha! You also got the same dessert as me at the same restaurant before going to Lincoln Center! Apparently I was following in your footsteps quite a bit on this trip!

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