Monday, January 11, 2016

Um... So...

In case you're wondering how Jason, Justin, and I fared as travel companions; this may give you an idea:

We're going to India in two months!

Yes, somehow a conversation about maybe going to New York for a weekend in March turned into "Let's spend a week in India!" 

Jason's been pushing for more springtime international travel (vs. summer), my spring break works well in all of our worlds, and airfare to India turned out to be cheaper than airfare to Europe.  Once I discovered that the Holi festival lands smack in the middle of my spring break this year, well, we were sold.  Doing this:

has been on my to do list for years, and I'd far rather play with colors in India than in, say, Springville, UT.

We need to sort out the inner workings of the trip still; i.e., how much can we cram into seven days on the ground? (Answer: A heck of a lot.  We are travel pros.)  Taj Mahal, temples, palaces, elephants, the Ganges, the desert, yoga, meditation, and the textiles!  Oh, the textiles.  There will certainly be shopping.

Holy cow, we're going to India in two months.  I need to order my custom Louis Vutton luggage asap*.

*A Conversation:

Amanda: But if we do get the luggage, that means one of us has to spend the trip with a black eye.
Jason: That can be Justin.  He's not paying attention right now.
Justin (in the distance): What?
Jason: Nothing!
Amanda: Hmm.  But that means either you or I have to have sex with Natalie Portman in a hotel in Paris.
Jason: Silence
Amanda: Waits; knows that Jason is weighing going to Paris against having sex with Natalie Portman; is sure Paris will win.
Jason: If it means Paris,  I'll do it.
Amanda: Knows her friend well.
Jason: But that means you need to be Anjelica Huston. 
Amanda: I would LOVE to be Anjelica Huston.

This is why we travel well together.

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