Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Wednesday in New York

We kicked off our first full day in New York in the proper fashion:

Brunch at Le Pain!
Since we were right next to the main library, we stopped by to show Justin where Jason used to spend his happier study sessions.
Selfie Stick!
I fondly remember spending hours in the reading room while visiting Jason.  He'd pour over textbooks with his fountain pens and I'd curl up nearby with whatever book I was in the middle of.  Sigh.

Alas, the main reading room was closed for repairs until 2017.  Drat!

On to the outdoor market!

We didn't have much time, so we prioritized:

Macarons for later!

Waffles for now!

Then a matinee of Something Rotten (with the original cast still!  Yay!):

This was post-show, so it was a bit dark by then.

We went back to City Kitchen for a quick dinner between shows:

Falafel burger - yum!

Justin takes the dividing of the doughnut very seriously.

Some friends of Jason from DC happened to be near Times Square, so we met up for quick introductions/catching up.  Louie and Heather are really interesting, gregarious people I'd love to know better!

Off to These Paper Bullets:

Then a dash through the rain to a nearby French cafe for a late second dinner:

We weren't quite ready for bed when we returned to the hotel, so we tackled yet another sleepover activity:

Watching a movie in pajamas on Justin's iPad!

In this case:

What could be better than watching a Wilde play with boys who quote it right alongside you while eating macarons at midnight?

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