Monday, January 03, 2005

Auditions - Day 1

Welcome to my Blog! Given the "adventures" I've had directing my last few shows, I thought I might chronicle the process of KJHS' latest.

Today, Monday, marks the first official day. Really, it began last August when we applied for the rights to do this show. However, today we began auditions.

Auditions actually take a week in our program. The first two days are for getting the information and learning the song and the dance. Wednesday and Thursday are auditions; Friday is call-backs, and Monday we post. So while the actual auditions aren't quite underway yet, today was good just to get some ideas.

Guessing from the number of blank audition forms left in the stack, I'd say we had about 150 kids show up to audition today. I was glad to see a good showing from my English classes, including some kids I didn't expect to be interested. Those are always fun discoveries.

The girls learned the dance and the guys learned their song today. And they sounded good!

All in all, things are looking good for the start. While I do dread casting (having been there myself, I hate making rejections), it also gives a nice feeling of coming together. Plus, after five months of planing, I finally get to focus on this show! (I just have to remember that I also teach English....)

So, check back again. Although the early hours of work have gone well, I can almost guarantee you that there'll be stories to tell. Who knows though? Maybe I'll actually get to direct a show here without having a lead drop out/be kicked out hours before a show!

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