Saturday, January 29, 2005

Clovers Clovers Everywhere

Glory be! We have an accompaniment!
Through a friend of a friend, Janelle found someone who had laid down piano and drum tracks of the Seussical score for a high school in the area. After some negotiating, we got the CDs. It is such a relief to have the music we'll perform set and ready to go!
Although there is little room for improvising with pre-recorded accompaniments, I think it is a better option than a live orchestra at this level. It lets the focus stay on the actors and the story, instead of being caught up in slow-tempo, off-key music. Our school's orchestra department does a great job on their own, but accompaning a show is an entirely different matter.

We've also begun work on the clover blossoms for Horton. I bought $30 worth of yarn at Wal-Mart on Monday, and since then my TAs and anyone else who's bored have been converting that yarn into pom-poms. We're about two-thirds of the way through the yarn, and we've filled an army trunk with blossoms.

Next week, we start making puppets!

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