Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Checking In

Hello all!

It seems like it's been a while since I've written. We had a three day weekend with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (yea!), during which I went to see House of Flying Daggers (excellent fight scenes and coloration, as usual; but I liked Hero better).
Tuesday marked Day 1 of 3rd quarter at school, aka second semester. It was an English day for me (as opposed to a Theatre day, that is), and we kick started our unit on the Holocaust with a pretty good round of small group activities and discussions. Oh, we also had a warm-up discussion on the significance of MLK, Jr's work. To quote one of my beloved students "Martin Luther King is important because he made it so we don't have slavery today."
Oy I say.
Today was the first Drama day of the new semester, which meant I had two new classes. Big classes. My Drama 1 classes now number at 41 students and 38 students. Thank goodness we're on block schedule. Otherwise, it would take us the better part of a week just to get through monologue performances.
For Advanced Drama today, I took my students to see "Steel Magnolias" at the PTC. They actually really enjoyed it (yes, even the boys). It's great to see that they have progressed enough to really enjoy a good production, even if it's not your typical teenage fare.

As for Seussical, I spent yesterday's rehearsal working with some of the leads on their solo parts. We had fun - we were able to start doing some minor blocking and character work. The bigger achievement was that we directors made up a rehearsal calendar. It actually looks like we can get it all done in time!
(Mark those words - chances are I'll be recanting them later....)


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