Saturday, January 08, 2005

Cast Away!

After three and a half hours of call-backs, and two and a half hours of deliberations, we've cast our show!

Having been there myself, I feel bad about making the kids wait over a weekend to find out the results. They were rather anxious, too. A group of them seemed determined to wait it out at school to see the cast list Friday. They gave us about ten minutes after we had dismissed them from the call backs before they sent one of my stage crew guys into the auditorium to ask us if we were done yet. When I tried to break up the group and send them home after discovering them in the hallway (still) a half-hour later, they begged to know the casting. I told them we were so far from being done that I would be typing up the cast list over the weekend. In dismay they thought about that for a moment, then asked if they could call me at home Saturday to find out the casting.
Aren't they cute....

The cast list is finished, though. Now comes the tricky part - waking up early enough on Monday to get to school before the students are allowed in the building. :)

By the way - with 152 in our show, that means over 1 out of every 10 students at our school will be Seussified for the next 10 weeks!

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