Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Auditions - Day 2

Alright. I now have an enormous stack of audition forms sitting on my desk at school (and a very furry kitty sitting on my lap right now). The great thing about this is the excitment in the air - the school is buzzing with kids talking about their auditions and talking their friends into trying out, too. Each of my English classes today wanted to talk about the show, and I know we'll be spending at least part of each Drama class tomorrow going over the dance and song auditions. I really am excited about this show, though. Far more than I was for "Guys and Dolls" last year. Strange.

So tomorrow the official auditions begin. According to the sign-up list, we've got auditions straight through from 3:00-7:30 both days. Oy!

By the way, my sister pointed out a rather pertinent piece of information I forgot to mention. The name of the show we're doing is "Seussical the Musical". :)


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