Monday, January 24, 2005

A boy, an egg, and an idea

Hello all!
I am here with a few remnant cast members - a Mrs. Mayor, a Gertrude, and a Horton. We are chatting about kissing and "friends" and Spamalot and punishments for the Hortons. I have decided (wielding my director's power as I do) that my Hortons need some character development. So, they will "get" to carry around their prop eggs for a while (classes and all), and their prop clover blossoms for a while. Oh, how I love causing embarrassment among my students!
Speaking of embarrassment, we are debating if we should add kissing to the show; specifically, Horton and Gertrude or Mr. and Mrs. Mayor. I've already relinquished my other trademarks for plays (huge fight scene and a guy in drag). But a show with no kissing? Hmm. That might mean I actually won't get pulled into the principal's office and yelled at by outraged parents for once....
Here, I'm going to type the dialogue going on as I am writing this post:

Gertrude: I think it's great that she's making you (Horton) carry around an egg!
Horton: (taking my candy jar hostage) This is my new egg!
Mrs. Mayor: You know what I didn't know? That white thing inside the egg is the umbilical cord! You know that white thing that floats!
Me: Horton, you want to say anything else?
Horton: Me?
Mrs. Mayor: No, the other Horton.
Horton: Um... let's see.
Mrs. Mayor: I really didn't know that.
Horton: That's why you should get the unfertilized ones.
Mrs. Mayor: That's when they're raw. Yuck. That's gross.
Me: Hold on! Talk slower so I can type.
Gertrude: That's why I'm the smart one. I'm not talking.
Horton: (finding a cardboard poster tube next to my garbage can) What's this for?
Me: Some posters I got in the mail.
Mrs. Mayor: Oh my gosh, look at Horton.
Horton: (has inserted his arm into the tube and is now dancing)
Mrs. Mayor: Domo arigato
Gertrude: (joining in) Mister Roboto!
Horton: (whacks Mrs. Mayor with the tube)
Mrs. Mayor: Ow!

So, you see what kind of fun we have when I don't lock them out of my classroom after rehearsal. So much for grading the English papers I promised to hand back last week. Whoops.
See, this is why it would be a good thing if I only taught theater.

FYI, we rehearsed "Chasing the Whos" today sans sheet music (we forgot to copy it). It actually went really well! The chorus is finally picking up sound. Until we put them up on stage, that is. Oh well. 7 weeks to go!

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