Monday, May 12, 2008

Great Big Stuff

A quick update on the events of the weekend:

Thursday night:
Flew to Denver

Friday morning:
Went to Dead Playwrite School District, met Teri the HR Lady, was the victim of two hit-and-run compliments in course of 5 minute conversation with her, signed many papers.

Friday later morning:
Went to my new school, toured the building, met a ton of people, observed a few 8th grade LA classes, constantly had to remind self that there is no dress code to regulate at this school (my teacher-sensors were going nuts!)

Friday noon:
Got a little lost

Friday afternoon:
Met Elizabeth (the awesome realtor), Jeff (the lender) and Rachel (the sister/opinion-giver), signed many papers.

Friday later afternoon:
Toured 9 properties, narrowed it down to two. Also found many that caused us to say "What are they thinking?!" (burgundy carpet - seriously?)

Friday night:
Had Chipotle dinner (they're like Starbucks now - you can find one on almost any corner in Denver), picked up parents, grandma, Andy, and his girlfriend at the airport, all rendezvoused at Rachel and Ben's for dessert and discussions.

Saturday morning:
Met Elizabeth at the two selected properties for Mom, Dad, and Grandma to give opinions. Narrowed it down to one. Tested the drive from that one to school (12 minutes on a Saturday in good weather - not too shabby!).

Saturday noon:
Met up with Rachel, Andy, and Jen for lunch at Garbanzos.

Saturday afternoon:
I called Elizabeth and told her to start the papers to put an offer in on the property (!!!!), then shopping in Boulder. Rachel and I officially switch phones, so I am now a member of the Blackberry world.

Saturday night:
Pizza party at Rachel and Ben's, lots of talking.

Sunday morning:
Mother's Day brunch at the hotel (it was yummy for a buffet!)

Sunday noon:
Returned rental car, flew home.

Since then:
Resumed normal life, constantly obsessing/fretting/calling parents over decision to buy. Much guilt - if I can't do the dishes regularly in my current place, I don't deserve to have a pretty place, etc.
I'll post more about the home buying situation as it develops. Hopefully it develops. Briefly, I found this charming, lovely condo that I've taken to calling "The Yellow House." English major that I am, it, of course, is a reference to The Yellow Wallpaper but I promise that it is a beautiful shade of yellow and in all likelihood will not cause me to go insane. After all, I didn't see a single creeping lady in either of the walk-throughs.

More news to come!

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