Thursday, May 01, 2008

Real Big News (Reprise)

I've really, really wanted to blog about something for a long time, but I couldn't because of certain political reasons. However, I've resolved most of those this week, so I will finally post the news.

Bad news first: No Africa for Amanda this summer.

Wait, let me put the emphasis in the right place:
No Africa for Amanda THIS summer.

I will go, oh yes, but it's not to be right now. When my cell phone, car, and elliptical machine all broke in quick succession, I figured the universe was telling me to rethink where my money was going. Especially since plane tickets to Tanzania tripled in price over three week's time. So, instead, I'm bracing myself to grow up a little more and use the money (plus a lot more) as down payment on a place to live.

Yes, I am working on becoming a homeowner (news #2). Which totally freaks out military-brat-me. Fortunately, those nomadic genes are pacified by news #3 (brace yourself):

I'm moving to Denver!

That's the big secret - the one I've been working on since, well, my trip to Portland. Remember that? It wasn't just a pleasure trip - I was scoping out possible places to live, since I knew this would be my last year at Dead President Junior High. I loved Portland, but I also figured that most of the things I love about it are offered in Denver, plus Denver is my sister's hometown and it's within driving distance of my parents. So, Denver won!

I went out there in February and in addition to the fun I noted in my entry on the trip, I also went to a massive job fair. Many interviews and stresses later, and I accepted a teaching post in a tiny district in Denver. Eighth Grade Language Arts, with the option to start a theater program. Hmm... sound familiar? But this school not only has no history of a drama program, they have no performing space whatsoever. No auditorium nor cafetorium; nada. My creativity should be stretched in all kinds of new ways. Fodder for dis blog, right?

So, there's the news. And for those former students of mine who read this (shout out to Sarah - Of course I remember you, and I'm happy you're doing well with your own little family) well, spread the word. Because your last chance to see your old drama teacher on this side of the Rockies will be June 5th. Ish. It may take me a few days past the last day of school to pack up my classroom. So come see me!

Speaking of, if anyone knows where I can get my hands on some boxes, I could use a few.

Okay, a lot.

Seriously, I needs to gets me some boxes.

Holy cow, I'm moving.


  1. Amanda! That's so exciting! We should get together for lunch or something before you move. I moved this last weekend and have boxes, so they are all yours.

  2. Oh horray for you and I am sorry all in the same sentence! I am glad that you found your new niche in Denver ( I need details woman!) and sad that another continent will be deprived of your presence for another season. Good luck with everything in your busy life and keep me posted!

  3. Annie - We should definitely do lunch! Is June too far away for you? Because my life is crazy-school-busy until then. Darn it.

    And where are you living now?

    Em - And I need details from you, woman! I'm hoping to finagle a week in Junction this summer. Do I hear a yay for chick flicks and general playing?

  4. What an exciting adventure and a great groing experience! I am sure you will be a hit in Denver. I will deffinetly come to se you on June 5th to say Hi & goodbye.

  5. June is not too far away but is a little crazy for me. I'm going to Europe and then have a gazillion client events, but we'll figure it out. I'm living on Capitol Hill and loving it. And I do have boxes for you!

  6. Congratulations!

    And you can get great boxes at a liquor store--they are very sturdy for books, and a good size too.

    (This is coming from someone who's moved their library 5 times in four years).


  7. hooray! i'm proud of you for making a big move... and i want to come visit!