Thursday, May 22, 2008

Simple Little Things

Things I'm glad about:

- The spring rain.

- My cold is a relatively quick one.

- The trees that bloom purple and the green-blooming trees that grow in front of them.

- My peace lily is still alive!

- The Blackberry my sister gave me keeps me entertained when I'm stuck waiting somewhere.

- My district hasn't blocked yet (it's great to have while I'm grading at school!).

- School ends in 2 weeks!

- Four students stayed late after school today to decorate my classroom because we're throwing a party for the AVID tutors tomorrow.

- Ben loaned me his classroom today so I could teach somewhere warm.

- I had an unexpected 15 minutes in my English class today, so I threw on West Bank Story. They actually enjoyed it!

- Stephenie Meyer's writing is ridiculously addictive.

- Working the concert tonight gave me the chance to read her latest book for almost an hour.

- I get to see Cirque this weekend with Heidi and Brent!

- And, best of all, I get to go to bed now.

Good night, dear readers!

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