Sunday, March 18, 2012

Good Show, Everyone, Good Show! Oh My Goodness, Look at the Time! Off to Bed, Off to Bed!

Glory be, the show is done!

Happily, it went really well. The audience size increased each night, leading up to a closing night so packed we lined the back wall with folding chairs. The kids did better and better each night, fixing mistakes and solving problems on their own aside from the occasional disaster that they really needed a calm adult to help with. And even then they alerted me to each one quickly and quietly, and followed instructions to the T. The comments I heard over and over again from the parents and community members was that this was the best show MTHS has ever done.

My parents were sweet enough to battle their jet lag and come up from Junction for the show, which means that instead of sneaking into the school to paint brick lines on the set, I spent Saturday at a picnic in the park. I couldn't fully relax sans projects, though, so I recruited my parents to help me make cards for the cast and crew. They kindly folded and glued while I wrote the notes and made the drawings. I knew it was crazy to hand-make 50 cards this week, but some projects I just can't let go of.


Cards 2

The kids liked them, though.  As I was doing one boy's hair backstage he said quietly, "Thanks for the card, Aguafasa" (their new nickname for me, which I am rather fond of).

"Well, I meant it," I said.

"Stop it!" he said.

"Sorry," I said, comb frozen mid-hair, "Did I pull too hard?"

"No," he said, "Stop being so adorable."

This kid, I tell you. He's trouble.

I'm full of the post-show fondness for them all, of course. I'm proud of their performances, proud of how the show turned out, proud of Rachel's choreography. She took a bunch of pictures during the last show (which you can look through here) and posted a few of her favorites (many of which are also my favorites) here.

How cute are these people?

My parents and I spent the night at the Mountain Town condo and had breakfast this morning at the truck-stop cafe at the base of the hill. It was fun to see them, to see photos of their trip and to hear more about it in person. After breakfast we packed up the condo, including a very freaked out Natasha (note to self - trying to put Nash into her carrier while the vacuum is running will lead to blood), and parted ways. Once I got home I unloaded my car and broke the Sabbath in search of food for the next few days and to scrub the white paint off my car. I ate a late lunch at home and fell asleep halfway through. Fortunately the windstorm this afternoon woke me up, and I was able to get a few more things done before my real bedtime.

Tomorrow I go back to work. We'll block the Drama 1 play this week and I need to run call-backs for the Adv. Drama play inbetween more state-testing-time schedule wackiness.  We'll also have to strike the set, clean up the backstage, and I need to process all the ticket proceeds and get the materials shipped back to MTI.  Strangely, though, I do not have any student-centered after-school obligations. I'll teach and then... go home, I guess. Weird.

And maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll stop dreaming of set changes and notes I need to give the actors.

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