Friday, March 09, 2012

Two Rehearsals to Go!

I woke up at o'dark-hundred today, drove up the mountain, unlocked and set up the theater, ran to my classroom, packed up all the grading I need to do Sunday to post midterms Monday, went to a faculty meeting, negotiated student-issues with a couple of teachers, ran a nine hour-long double dress rehearsal (which included doing some emergency jig-saw work, all kinds of microphone issues, training six brand-new techies, answering a bazillion questions, and helping out an orchestra short a conductor), drove down the mountain, bought nine more gallons of paint, drove up the mountain, staked out a possible burglary (which turned out to mostly be my overactive imagination), scratched a needy cat, posted notes from the second run-through to the musical cast's blog, ate dinner, and hey look it's 11:00 PM

Thank goodness we're starting the paint day at 9:30 AM.  I needs me some sleep!

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