Friday, June 20, 2014

Chihuly Museum

Friday morning began with a pleasant ten-minute walk from Jason's apartment to the Seattle Center.  I lingered in the garden for a little while  Facetiming with Mom and Sam as they prepared for a trip to Utah and enjoying the brisk 58 degree morning before geadubg into the Chihuly museum to see what strange glass structures they had to offer.

My first introduction to Chihuly came with a trip to Vegas sometime in my teenage years.  The Bellagio had just been built, and I remember much talk of the glass works.  In college the Olympics brought some of his works to Salt Lake, and each time I went to the symphony hall afterwards I admired the column of fire which became a permanent installation, 

This museum opened two years ago, and while the admission cost was steeper than I thought appropriate, I enjoyed the collection quite a bit:

This installation was my favorite part. Inspired both by Sainte-Chapelle in Paris and by the Crystal Palace in London, Chihuly designed the Glasshouse and then installed a vibrant whirl of five asymetrical streams of orange and yellow flowers:

Outside the museum is a garden filled with more glass pieces.  The juxtaposition of the texture and the lines of the glass with the plants reallly is lovely, and I enjoyed both walking around the area and people-watching.

The ticket does allow fee entry again after 6 PM to provide the chance to see the effects of changing light, but Jason and I had dinner reservations at Tilikum and packing to do.  I was a little sad to pass up that opportunity, but the fired squash blossums stuffed with goat cheese more than made up for it.  :)

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