Thursday, June 26, 2014


Like Korea, this hotel's toilet also has notes for us on the lid:

I've wondered why the toilets keep running water underneath when I sit down.  Apparently, it will remain a mystery.

I've also wondered if Japanese people think our toilets are insufferably boring when they come to the States.  I got a glimpse of their response from Mari tonight who said that she freezes when she uses the toilets in America.  Aha!  I thought that the seats here were getting warm under me, but wasn't sure if they were heated or if it was just my imagination.  Turns out: automatically heated.

Although confusing at first, I really liked the design of Mari's toilet:

After you flush it, the faucet begins running to refill the tank.  That's the sink!  What a great conservation idea!  I would totally get a toilet that does that back home.

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