Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This is Just to Say

... That we are now in Tokyo!

We've been blogging since checking in to the hotel, trying to wrap up Korea before we tackle Japan.

Here's a quick summary of the transit, as chonicled by food and one restroom stop:

Dinner at Gimpo Airport

Waer, orange juice, and a ham and cheese croissant

An attempt to spend my remaining won led to a choice between a chocolate muffin and an eye masks with a Korean pretty-boy's eyes printed on it.  The pretty-boy, although pretty, was not wearing eyeliner  so the muffin won:

>2 hour flight and they served us a meal in a neatly-wrapped bento box no less.

Once again, I'm psyched for both the food and the packaging options in Japan.

And, finally, this:

Outside the restroom in Gimpo is a sign indicating which stalls are available at that moment.  Get your act together, America, and get with the times!

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