Sunday, June 15, 2014

Oh, Hey, This Was a Blog Post

I realized recently that I put the photos together for this bog entry, but neglected to complete it.  Here's a smattering of images from the last week of school:

My Advanced Drama class wanted to do a get-together of sorts.  Since I had to stick around late one day anyway for Senior Awards Night, I offered to put on a movie afternoon in the auditorium.  Our film of choice:

Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog.

We watched it as a sing-a-long.  And now I'm blogging about it.  Inception!

That evening the seniors pulled their annual prank.  Every year the juniors vow they're going to do a better job, and every year the seniors just kind-of trash the place.

Colorful, but not very creative.  They did duct-tape one chair to the wall above the bricks (you can kind-of see it in the photo.  Look on the right side of center at the level of that blue poster).  Whoo.

Here's my Advanced Drama class on the last day they were all together.  They're attempting to see if we can get by with a single footrest.

They were a fun bunch.

Oh, okay, this was a really random grouping of photos.  Here's the refreshment set-up for the church activity where I hosted a trivia night:

I took this in part to demonstrate my lack of party-hosting cares.  While I would have satisfied with having food, a few of the ladies on the committee (one of whom is a professional party planner) always insist on going all out.  Table cloths for all occasions!  Food-specific containers!  Galvanized buckets!  Themed food labels!  If it's not a new font, it's worthless!

It's cute, I'll admit, but definitely more work than I'd put into an event we have to host every month.

Speaking of food, Fara, Lisa, and I went to an antiques street market downtown and then grabbed lunch at Atomic Cowboy.  They're an off-shoot of DenBisCo (Denver Biscuit Company).  We split their sweet potato fries, and I enjoyed a chicken 'n' biscuit sandwich.  Yum!

Last random photo:

That's the bag Lisa and I both got for our summer travels (huh.  It's also gone up $10 on Amazon since I bought it.  Score!). It's uber-theft-proof:  Non-slashable straps, RFID protection, locking zipper pulls, the whole nine yards.  I used it in New York, and it seems pretty doable.  It's not too hideous for a protected travel bag, and I like the waterbottle pockets on the sides.

Speaking of travel, I'm getting pretty darn close to my big trip this summer.  I think I'm about there.  I'll do some laundry and start packing tomorrow, but no rush.  Weirdly.

The weather's looking good (high 70's-low80's in both Seoul and Japan), and I just sent off my last reservation inquiry this afternoon.  If it works out, I'll be staying at a Buddhist temple and participating in some meditation rites while Jason's off climbing a mountain. It'll be interested to compare that experience to the one in Thailand, and I'm curious to see their giant graveyard.  Plus, I apparently have to take a funicular to get there.  What's more fun than a funicular?

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