Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Camp Shakespeare: Day 17

Being Wednesday, today is a half day; but it's the first one we don't have shows in Lenox to get to. I'm really enjoying a relaxing afternoon, consequently.

Today I had a delicious piece of coffee cake for breakfast at the dining hall (du beurre, du beurre, et encore du beurre, as my father would say). As we walked to Ainsworth, we discovered most of our group outside on the steps. Steve, it seems, wanted a group picture. Not everyone was there, so there is need for a follow-up, but it was a pleasant start to the morning. It was made even better by the appearance of Bob, whom we've all missed. Bob lead us through a marvelous warm-up/work-out of voice and body, then we attended part 2 of Julian Bowsher's lectures. This one was much more interesting (plus, I was more awake), as it focused on what actually occurred inside the Rose, including photos of artifacts found (lots and lots of pins...). Julian was quite friendly, appealing to us as actors to help him in his wondering what the exact shape of the stage was (i.e. was it more proscenium or more thrust, to put it very simply). It was rather honorable to be questioned and listened to by such a noted scholar.

Julian's lecture was followed by two more grad presentations: Stephanie talked about applying the tools we're learning to non-dramatic texts, and Cheryl spoke about Elizabethan foods (including samples!). The talk about food put us all in just the right frame of mind for lunch, so Christine, Meg, Dev, Stephanie, Michael, and I walked downtown to try "Amanouz" a Moroccan place. The food was tasty, especially the tuna sandwich, although the service was a little slow, and they got two of our orders wrong.

After lunch, I branched off from the group for some much-needed bookstore time. I browsed the Broadside Bookstore for a while, purchased two books and some postcards, then got a frappachino from Starbucks and walked back to the dorm. All of my good intentions to do some dictionary work and line memorization flew out the window after I ran into Christine and she invited me to come along to run some errands. She was on a hunt for a cable for her son's X-Box, so we used that as an excuse for some much needed "retail therapy". We meet Trisha in the parking garage and talked her into coming with us. Together we hit Best Buy, Target, Old Navy, Barnes and Noble, and got some dinner from Panera to go. Oh! So wonderfully suburban! I highly enjoyed the entire afternoon.

Since then, I've done a load of laundry, and played "Oodles" with others in the parlor. I'm actually headed back that way now with my Julius Caesar script to do my duty (For I am a slave of duty!). Tomorrow, a special treat! We'll have a guest writer on this blog. Mme. Meg O'C. will be here to write about her adventures with Bikram Yoga (known around here as "hot yoga"). I myself could not be convinced to give up air-conditioned-economy-stimulations to twist about in a 120 degree room with scantily-dressed strangers. Thank goodness Meg is willing to be my proxy.

Until then!

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  1. Julian did publish a book on his findings which included most of the photographs he shared and the majority of his comments. He stressed that that particular book, though, was not a work he's proud of. He will be publishing a longer, more current and complete edition within the year. You should look out for it, especially if you do favor archeology. The first one is pretty hard to find (I ordered my copy from a used bookstore in England).
    Good luck with it!