Sunday, July 16, 2006

Happy Talk

Here are some quotes I heard this week at NITS (National Institute on Teaching Shakespeare) that I'd like to remember: (Some may not make sense to you since the explanation is too lengthy for me to go into here, so just remember to ask me about it next time you see me if you'd like to know.)

(On Sksp's use of iambs) "It's your heartbeat. Shakespeare wrote in heartbeats. It's the first and last sound you will hear." - Kevin Coleman

"mill - v. to move around in churning confusion. In Western United States, 'to run cattle in a circle, sometimes deliberately, in order to halt a stampede.
seethe - v. to churn and foam as if boiling, to be noisy with activity." - ("Mill & Seethe" is a daily opening exercise for us)

"Let [your students] walk into Shakespeare through the door they are most comfortable with." - Kevin Coleman

"Now with 10% more Globe-i-ness" - adapted from Frank Hildy

"Check your balance" - David "Scooter-Boy" Q. (he asked us to use this phrase to remind him of the balance between talking and listening)

(on "Concept" Shakespeare) "[Those directors] didn't trust the play." "It trivialized the play." - Frank Hildy

"I can only write about what I thought!" - a critic in 1880's when theaters began turning off the house lights during performances, on his dismay over not being able to see the audience anymore.

"It's not a concept if it works." - Jenna

"The teachers led the revolution." - Tina Packer

"Shake loose your pink basket of ribs ('cage' is such an awful term)." - Bob Davis

"Touch the pain on your partner's face." - Bob Davis

"Do it for the polar bear!" - All of us who went to see "An Inconvenient Truth"

"We few. We happy few. We band of brothers." - Trisha's suggestion for our t-shirt quote (from Henry V)

"Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt." - Kim's T-Shirt suggestion (from Measure for Measure)

**Jennifer's story of the Roma children and the stairs.
**Michael's story of the "Abominabable (sic) Snowman Speech"

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