Friday, July 28, 2006

Camp Shakespeare: Day 18

I want to write you a nice, detailed post, but I am just tuckered out. Today I
1) learned a Hebrew round as we worked on nasal resonance in voice class,
2) learned a renaissance country dance and a medieval traveler's dance,
3) attended a lecture on 1st and 2nd sleep, among other topics (I will miss you, Sandy Mack!),
4) participated in a choral reading of Antony's speech from "Julius Caesar",
5) did a tech run through of our "Julius Caesar" for our performance tomorrow,
6) attended a promotion for a new resource for teaching "Macbeth" (barely missing a huge downpour, by the way),
7) selected a group and a topic for our final projects next week (yea Stephanie!),
8) attended two graduate student presentations (Nicole's on the true history of Macbeth and David Quinn's on teaching Othello to seniors in high school),
9) helped write and rehearse two acappella melodies for death scenes for tomorrows show, and
10) had my nails painted (Thanks Mel!) while we sang spirituals.

It was around the time that I was laying on the floor for a while as the corpse of Caesar that I realized all my energy was draining away, and I haven't really recovered since then. And so, I'm off to bed. I think I will be there before 12:30 for the first time since the start of this institute. Hurrah!

Oh, by the way, Kim claims she can wrap her legs around her head, and that she hopes that's special enough to get her a mention on my blog. Voila, Kim!

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