Monday, July 06, 2015

Off to the UK

It was strange having such a late departure.  My flight leaves at 8:50 PM.  Normally I'd work a full day before racing to the airport for a flight like this, but instead I had time to run to a few stores for last-minute supplies, to pack and repack, and to empty my dishwasher and tidy my apartment.  Strange.

I'm at DIA at the moment on a public computer.  I have a bit of time before my flight (which is a direct one, which will be luxurious!), so I'm catching up on a bit more China blogging and organizing group tickets for the upcoming touring season of shows. 

China is taking a while to post, but it's because I'm busy, which is a good thing.  I've been catching up with friends, sewing, doing a bit of work, and doing every medical thing I can think of while I'm home during office hours (dentist, doctor, other doctor, etc.).

This summer's travel feels odd.  Having so recently returned from China makes this next trip seem easy - I've been there before and the language certainly won't be an issue.  It's all shows and museums and things I'm familiar with and know how to do.  There are some mysteries - getting to Oxford, figuring out the college, meeting my study group, and such; but it's not nearly as foreign as last month's trip.

I'll be in London for a while first - I wanted to get over my jetlag before the seminar.  Plus, how could I pass up the chance for a few days in London?  I'm looking forward to the shows and museums, but also to taking things at a more leisurely pace and just enjoying being in one of my favorite cities with a very light agenda.

Oxford is next.  I've read all of the readings before, but I'm refreshing as I can.  I reread His Dark Materials, and I'm working on The Voyage of the Dawn Treader now.  I know Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland rather well already.  I'm excited for a week spent with these authors and a reading list that reads like a list of old friends.

Mom and Dad are flying out and will meet me in Oxford at the end of my seminar.  We've got a packed agenda full of places that have been on my to-do list: Stratford-upon-Avon (a repeat, but a good one), Hay-on-Wye, northern Wales, Dublin, and Newgrange.

I'm looking forward to every part of this trip.  England's a bit friendlier than China, especially to Google; so I'm hoping for regular wifi access to let me blog along the way.

See you on the other side!

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