Monday, July 25, 2016

Introvert Monday

I was sore, exhausted, and pretty dehydrated when I got home after the theater last night.  The unrelenting heat wave and the stress of travel (albeit a minor and welcomed stress, but a stress nontheless) made me head-achy and a bit tired of people.

So, I asked myself what would make me happy today.  Then I had a serious talk with myself about the fact that what makes me happy is totally fine and it's perfectly alright for me to do it.  Then I did a small load of laundry in the bathtub, fixed their leaky showerhead, and repacked my suitcase to help convince myself that I've earned the right to do what makes me happy.

Then I got a big glass of ice (glorious ice!) water, put a chair directly in front of the air conditioner, and read.  I did a good yoga session in the livingroom, then returned to the chair and read some more.

I thought about looking inot discount tickets for whatever shows' are not dark on Mondays, but found that I just wasn't especially excited about any of the prospects.  Instead, I took heed of the fact that I haven't been able to fully drop my shoulders or keep my jaw unclenched in a few weeks.  So, I decided to take my ticket money for the night and put it towards a massage instead.  Conveniently, there's a massage literally next door to this apartment building.  That was especially handy when a big, thunder-clapping rainstorm hit just as I was paying my bill.  I returned to the apartment soaking wet, but feeling better able to relax than I have in a while.

So, no show or photo or food recap today (although it was pretty great to get to have my cereal-with-fresh-blueberries-and-banana-slices combination again).  Still, it was a very nice day.

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