Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Just a quick update -

Today is a better, happier day; despite the primary crazy parents switching to tag-team-yelling-by-email attacks.  My principal is 100% supportive of me; he has offered good, sensible advice and when the digital-yelling kept coming, told me that I no longer need to communicate with these parents if I don't want to.  Illustrative Example no. 148 for why the commute to MTHS is made completely worthwhile by my principal.

My formal observation was this afternoon, and the class went smoothly.  It was Humanities, and we had a terrific discussion about the Epic Hero Cycle.  When split into small groups to brainstorm their own modern-day examples, one group even proved how Back to the Future follows Campbell's structure.

The students also all insisted the principal Check In along with the class since he joined us mid-process.  I love their insistence at that because it shows a) how much the students like and value Checking In and b) their awareness of outsiders, their eagerness to include the outsiders, and their knowledge of what process exists to include them typifies the kind of community I work to have in my classes.  When they passed it to him, he Checked In without hesitation.  (Illustrative Example no. 149.)

Musical rehearsal was low-key and fun, I got a good email I'd been hoping for, and then I got to go out to dinner with two women from my ward.  The good company and terrific hummus completed the uptick in my day and my mood.  Things are definitely brighter than yesterday, thank goodness.

I'm looking up weather forecasts now before going to bed.  Another storm's coming in tomorrow night with 4-10 inches of snow for Mountain Town.  What I'm wondering is whether they are more or less likely to cancel school on Friday given that it's a Teacher Inservice Day.  Sure, you don't have to worry about the children.  But will someone clutch their pearls and beg the superintendent to "think of the teachers"?

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